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CAA-00250 PowerCat 6 FTP Cable, PVC, 500m Reel

PowerCat 6 FTP Cable, PVC, 500m Reel

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Part No: CAA-00250
Region: Asia, Oceania

Molex's PowerCat 6 4 Pair FTP cable has been designed to support high speed data transmission systems such as 10G Base-T Channels and Permanent Links.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides enhanced EMC protection and improved Alien Crosstalk performance
  • Compliant to TIA / EIA 568-B,2-1 Category 6 cable specifications
  • Supports ultrahigh speed data networks such as Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T and 1000 Base-TX) and beyond
  • Incorporates central spine maintaining pair separation during installation to ensure premium performance after installation
  • UL listed
  • CM rated cable
  • 500 metre reel
  • 60332.1 Fire performance

Technical Info

Mechanical Characteristics

Conductor Size: 23 AWG
Primary Insulation: Solid Polyethylene
Nominal O.D.: 1.16mm
Screen Material: Laminated Foil Tape
Sheath Type: PVC
Nominal O.D: 7.0mm +/- 0.1mm
Operating Termperature: -20° to + 60°
NVP: 72%
Shipping Weight 500m reel: 26kg

Electrical Characteristics

D.C. Resistance: 25./100m

Crosstalk (dB)
@ 1MHz: 80.0
@ 16MHz: 71.0
@ 100MHz: 57.0
@ 250MHz: 49.0

Insertion Loss (dB/100m)
@ 1MHz: 2.0
@ 16MHz: 7.2
@ 100MHz: 18.9
@ 250MHz: 31.4

@ 1MHz: 75.0
@ 16MHz: 68.0
@ 100MHz: 56.0
@ 250MHz: 47.0

@ 1MHz: 76.0
@ 16MHz: 60.0
@ 100MHz: 44.0
@ 250MHz: 27.0

@ 1MHz: 73.0
@ 16MHz: 54.0
@ 100MHz: 40.0
@ 250MHz: 25.0

Return Loss
@ 1MHz: 28.0
@ 16MHz: 31.0
@ 100MHz: 28.0
@ 250MHz: 25.0

@ 1MHz: 78.0
@ 16MHz: 63.8
@ 100MHz: 38.1
@ 250MHz: 17.6


Ordering Info

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  • Case Studies

    Capita Financial Group - UK
    View Case Study

    Capita Financial Group Selects a Molex PowerCat 6 Solution for New Flagship Office

    Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturer; Future-Ready - Pune, India
    View Case Study

    The Mahindra Group's Chakan site project was designed and built as a green-field facility to integrate the best in technology, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and operational excellence.

    Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, LLP - USA
    View Case Study

    Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP specified Molex solutions for its new unique oval-shaped Chicago office space and Data Centres.

    Mid America Bank - USA
    View Case Study

    MidAmerica Bank secures their Naperville Data Center with Molex Category 6.     

    Ministry of Education - New Zealand
    View Case Study

    Molex specified Category 6 and fibre solutions installed in hundreds of small schools across New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry of Education

    NATS ( National Air Traffic Services) - UK
    View Case Study

    National Air Traffic Services (NATS), a world leader in air traffic management, specified a Molex PowerCat 6 UTP cabling system to renew and upgrade their principal facilities site, which totals over 250,000 sq ft.

    SEEK Limited - Australia
    View Case Study

    SEEK Limited, Australia's most popular employment website have upgraded their St. Kilda premises with the Molex Premise Networks Category 6 structured cabling system.

    Shanghai Unicom Tower - China
    View Case Study

    Unicom Tower, the headquarters office of China Unicom Shanghai Branch, and Molex designed a Category 6 , Optical Fibre Cabling Solution and flexible PDS solution comprised of five subsystems.

    Skilled Park - Australia
    View Case Study

    Stadiums Queensland install Molex's Category 6 and OM3 fibre backbone solutions at Skilled Park, their new state-of-the-art stadium on the Gold Coast.

    T-Mobile - Czech Republic
    View Case Study

    T-Mobile Czech Republic specified a Molex Premise Networks cabling solution. This 17000 point installation featured Molex's Category 6 Solution - PowerCat 6 as well as MT-RJ fibre connectivity.

    The Senedd - UK
    View Case Study

    The Senedd a ‘green building’ installed Molex’s PowerCat™ 6 solution and achieved the highest Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating ever achieved in Wales. This project picked up “Major Project of the Year” award at the 2006 Building Services Awards.

    Total Connectivity Solutions - IIT Madras, India
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    The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) has been a prestigious client of Molex Premise Networks since 1999, when Molex passive network products were implemented throughout the entire Campus network during its initial build, with a continued supply of networking capabilities to mirror the evolving campus network requirements.

    University of California - USA
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    Cal IT chooses Molex Premise Networks system solution, which includes singlemode and multimode fiber optic backbone, plug-and-play fiber cassette termination and Category 6 cable for the horizontal.

    University of Nottingham - Ningbo - China
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    The University of Nottingham-Ningbo chooses Molex Premise Distribution System (PDS) for all 22 stand alone buildings providing a gross floor area of 250,650 square meters.

    Shangdong Agriculture Bank - China
    View Case Study

    Established in 1951, Shangdong Provincial Agriculture bank rapidly became one of the biggest regional banks in China. Due to the quick development and growth of the bank, data security and stability became a key challenge. Therefore, a new offsite data centre was established, with a Molex solution specified to support it.

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