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As a global solutions provider – we are often recruiting new employees from all over the world. We look for high potential candidates who are willing to work hard and make their mark in our organization. Our employees work closely and effectively around the world striving for success and those who share our desire to succeed and grow, will enjoy working with us. We operate a flat structured organization which lends itself to self-motivated, hands on individuals.  

Commitment to diversity

Molex is a global company that has been committed to diversity since the company was founded in 1938. Treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness is a core value that is a fundamental part of how we do business no matter where in the world we operate. We offer equal employment opportunities for all qualified people, regardless of race, color age, sexual orientation, religion disability, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, marital status or any other legally protected status. We welcome and value each individual's differences and contributions as we seek the best and brightest employees with the skills and experiences to continue to grow our company around the world. And we expect each of our employees to treat not only each other, but also our customers, suppliers, community members and everyone else they deal with in the course of Molex business with fairness and respect. 

Job Opportunities
We are not currently recruiting for any specific positions, however if you would like to register your interest in working for Molex – please send your resume/CV to:

Joanna Smigerska – MPN Human Resources Director

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